Getting started with City Dive #4: Operators

Use City Dive operator pages to deep dive on operator information. Discover trip and vehicle data, demand heatmaps, latest news and app statistics.

Getting started with City Dive #4: Operators

Missed Getting started with City Dive #3?  Here’s everything you need to know on navigating fleets, trips and maps.

Operator pages are only available to Great Explorers. If you want to get full access to operator-level information, you will need to upgrade.

Operator list

This page works in the same way as the Cities list. Navigate through operators using the various advanced filters to refine the search.

There are three sets of numbers listed next to each operator. They are:

  • Vehicles: An average number of vehicles for the period of time chosen (default is 7 days)
  • Countries: The number of countries that the operator is present in (covered by City Dive)
  • Cities: The number of cities that operator is present in (covered by City Dive)

The modal icons indicate which vehicle types each operator has in their fleet.

Star your most visited operators by clicking the star icon. They will remain pinned at the top of this page unless you ‘un-star’ them.

In the same way as the Cities list, its is possible to refine a search using the various advanced filters.

Use this tab to filter by:
Mode: displayed modes will appear in colour, excluded modes will be grey.
Location: refine your search to specific countries/cities.
Sort by: can be used to filter by alphabetical order, available vehicles, or the number of cities or countries present.

Now that the list is covered, let’s explore the individual operator pages where you can dive into operator-specific data.


Important: When you arrive at an operator ‘overview’ page, note that the data displayed on these pages includes all cities on City Dive, rather than just the cities included in your plan. However, the ‘Fleets & Trips’ page will only show data related to the cities you have unlocked.

On the overview page, you can view:

  • Modal breakdown: A quick summary of the average number of vehicles in an operator’s fleet across all the cities covered on City Dive (if you are a Great Explorer that only has access to one territory, the numbers will still be for every city on City Dive). 
  • Footprint summary: The map on the right shows where the operator is present, and gives the total number of cities and countries where they operate, provided that the city is covered on City Dive.
  • Fleet evolution: At the bottom, a graph showing the average fleet size per month for each mode across the past 12 months. 
  • Latest news: A highlight reel of the latest news relevant to the operator.

Fleets and trips

Similar to the city pages, you can view the market performance at the top of the page, of a single operator.

Plus, there’s a breakdown of vehicles, trips and trips per vehicle per day (TVD). 

The filters on the left-hand side of the page offer the option to specify which modes (1) are displayed, whether they are organised per day, week, or month (2) and in which countries (2).

For specifying dates, use the calendar filter to select the exact dates to display. It is also possible to shortcut with one of the buttons to the right, which offer general options such as ‘last 7 days’ and ‘last 12 months'.

Below, data on the modal split of the countries the provider operates in is available. You can view 'all countries' or specify a particular country using the filter tab on the left-hand side. 


The map on the right-hand side will highlight each country that the operator is present in.

In cities where the selected operator’s data is monitored on City Dive, the operator’s logo will appear in a bubble such as the one pictured below across the map.

The pink dots show the cities in which operators are present that are not yet available on City Dive.  

The blue dots mean that our coverage of this area is included in the data of the city nearby. It’s possible to identify which city this is, as the area will be connected to the city by a dashed blue line.

App Statistics

On this page, data on the apps that support the operators is available. The different sections offered are:

  • App ratings: At the top of your screen there are two graphs with information on the amount of ratings and the average rating. Use the filters to customise the graphs, allowing you to see the progression of ratings over time.
  • App Power: The app power is an indicator developed by AppTweak that reveals the global power of an app, tied to an app’s category rankings and overall rankings on the app store. It allows for easy comparison with competitors, even if they are not ranked in the same category.
  • App downloads per month: A display of how many downloads the operator app receives organised by country.

These metrics can be used to gauge: 

  • The effectiveness of an operator in customer acquisition
  • The popularity of their app across regions

Whether they are concentrating marketing efforts in specific geographies.


As a Great Explorer, you will have access to any news that is associated with the operator you are currently viewing. You can add further filters to your search using the ‘Filters’ button. 

To get to the screen below, simply click on the ‘More news about ‘Operator’ button on the Operator overview page. You will find the news center page with the tag for the operator that you were browsing automatically applied.  

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