Getting started with City Dive #5: News center

Stay up to date with the shared mobility industry through Fluctuo's news center. Filter articles by city, topic or mode– and hear from industry professionals through exclusive interviews

Getting started with City Dive #5: News center

Missed Getting started with City Dive #4? Here’s everything you need to know on filtering data and navigating operator pages.

To access the News center, use the navigation bar on the left-hand side and click the news icon circled below.


On the right of the News center, you will see a rolling ‘All Posts’ list. This features Fluctuo posts including blogs and newsletters, organised by most recently posted. In order to filter our posts further, hover over the News Centre navigation bar to reveal the options.

Blog Articles: The Fluctuo blog is regularly updated with fresh insights. Here you’ll find market analyses, industry interviews and company news. It’s also where you’ll find Getting The Most Out of City Dive user guides, of which this is the fifth in the series.

EU & NA Recaps: We keep an archive of our weekly recap newsletters here on City Dive. These contain updates on launches, expansions, pauses, exits, city updates and industry news. Currently, we cover both Europe and North America in separate newsletters. All of the individual news stories and sources are uploaded directly to our archive: the ‘Newsfeed’.

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The Feed

Fluctuo collates and organises a large archive of recent and historic articles ready for the use of our customers. The archive is updated every day with fresh news, providing a constant and up-to-date stream of news.

🌍 The Newsfeed is only available to Great Explorers. For full access to an archive of shared mobility articles, upgrade now.

For the most recent posts, you can scroll through our listed links. Each article has tags, available to view at the bottom of each link in blue. The tags could include a location, mode, operator and theme associated with the article.

The tags also allow us to filter the archive for easy research.

Advanced filtering

The filter bar on the left hand side of the screen allows you to refine your search through our newsfeed.

You can filter by:

  1. Title: If you know the name of the article you are looking for, use keywords to refine your search. 
  2. Language: All headlines are translated into English, but we record the original language of the article. To find news in a specific language or languages, select one or more languages from the list.
  3. Dates: Use the calendar to select the exact dates to display, or choose a preset date range from the right-hand side.
  4. Tags: Get specific with tags. We have options to filter by mode, location, operator and theme. (Scroll down for more detail on our tagging system ⬇️) You can either search for articles that include ALL of the refinements you have made by selecting ‘All’, or you can view articles that include just one or more of the tags you have selected by choosing ‘Any of.’

You can erase the settings you have applied to your search by clicking ‘Reset all’, found in the top right-hand corner of the filter bar.

Filtering by tags

Click any of the mode icons to select or deselect them from your search. You can select more than one mode at the same time.

Filter location by clicking the + icon and typing in your desired location. The tags include cities, states, countries and continents. 

Specific operators can also be selected through the filter system. We have tags for all of the operators featured on City Dive and more. 

All our articles are also tagged thematically. There are extensive tags to ensure the search can be as refined as possible. Select from the following list:

  • Accessibility
  • Bike lanes
  • Cargo bikes
  • ESMI
  • Exit 
  • Expansion
  • Finance
  • Hardware
  • Health and safety
  • Launch
  • LEVs
  • MaaS
  • Marketing
  • Misuse
  • Mobility hubs
  • Operations
  • Parking
  • Partnerships
  • Pause
  • Policy
  • Pilot
  • Research
  • Software
  • Stations
  • Sustainability 
  • Tenders

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