Voi celebrates 3-year partnership with Fluctuo

Voi has been sharing data with Fluctuo with 3 years to help mobility professionals understand urban mobility dynamics.

Voi celebrates 3-year partnership with Fluctuo

Fluctuo is proud to announce the third anniversary of our data-sharing partnership with Voi, the leading Swedish micromobility operator. Since its inception in Stockholm in 2018, Voi has fostered a cooperative approach to urban mobility with city administrations across Europe.

In July 2020, Voi partnered with Fluctuo as a key data sharing platform, marking the beginning of an alliance that has proved beneficial to numerous cities seeking to develop shared mobility services. The integration of Voi's data with Fluctuo via an MDS feed has provided valuable insights and demonstrated Voi's commitment to transparency. As we celebrate three years of successful collaboration, Fluctuo continues to support Voi in their mission to revolutionise urban mobility.

At Voi, we are committed to sharing data insights to help cities and other stakeholders in understanding urban mobility dynamics. In our view, Fluctuo's data is a key resource to gain a comprehensive understanding of the micromobility ecosystem. We see data sharing as a crucial component for intelligent mobility planning, fostering urban development and ensuring effective public transport integration.”

— Christy Pearson, Head of Central Policy, Voi

Credit: Voi

Fluctuo, who partner with transport operators, city officials, policymakers, investors and journalists, makes the shared mobility industry more accessible. Through an interactive dashboard, a weekly newsletter, and quarterly reports, industry professionals are able to keep track of this rapidly-evolving and dynamic market.

Voi has been sharing data with Fluctuo for 3 years now. We’re delighted to work with such a transparent and collaborative company, and one that is so focused on delivering the best services for cities. They were recently chosen to operate in London, one of the most sought-after schemes in the world, which goes to show the importance of sharing data in this industry”.   

— Julien Chamussy, CEO, Fluctuo

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Voi now shares data with Fluctuo in over 60 cities. This partnership underlines Voi and Fluctuo’s commitment to the shared mobility community, underlining that transparency between operators, cities, and public transport authorities is crucial to building ‘Cities Made for Living’.

About Voi

Founded in 2018, Voi is a Swedish micromobility company offering e-scooter and e-bike sharing in partnership with towns, cities and local communities. We believe e-scooters can play a central role in changing how people move in our towns and cities in the future. We want to ensure that the micromobility transformation happens the right way - through real innovative technology, open and transparent dialogue with towns, cities and governments and by adapting our products to local needs. Voi’s holistic Environmental Action Plan tackles emissions and promotes renewable energy use and circularity along its supply chain. 

Voi operates in over 100 towns and cities across 12 countries. It is headquartered in Stockholm and employs around 1000 people. To date, Voi boasts more than seven million riders and has served more than 180+ million rides.

About Fluctuo

Fluctuo is the leader in mobility enablement. We provide key stakeholders with the most exhaustive, accurate data on the market to accelerate the growth of shared mobility. Europe's leading aggregator of shared mobility data has since expanded to include Asia-Pacific and North American markets.

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