Getting started with City Dive #1: The Map

Use the map to navigate through all the cities available on City Dive. Understand the overview, the difference between blue and green cities and explore 'locked' cities

Getting started with City Dive #1: The Map

Want to get the most out of City Dive? Here you can find the Fluctuo team’s top tips for using Backpackers effectively.

There are so many different ways for you to access, filter, and view the exhaustive data available on City Dive, and we’re going to walk you through it.

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The Map

It’s the first thing you see as you join our platform, and it will be your homepage from which to start your city deep-dives. Every city with a blue or green circle over it is monitored on City Dive.


In the bottom left corner of our Map home page, we provide a low-down European mobility data (average in all cities monitored over the last 30 days). Here, you can view:

  • The number of vehicles, by mode (bike, scooter, moped, car)
  • The percentage change from last month

Using The Map Effectively

Cities in blue are the ones you have full access to. When clicking on an unlocked city, you will be taken directly to the city overview page, complete with detailed insights about the city.

The cities in green are only viewable by Great Explorers. These can be fully unlocked by upgrading your subscription to include that region.

However, we can offer you a taster as even locked cities have some data available for Backpackers.

Once you have clicked on the (locked) city, in the left sidebar, you can see statistics for area, population and density, plus an overview of the operators currently operating vehicles in the city.

Want to know more about a specific city?

Top tip:  Hovering over a city will reveal the name of the city, the number of services present, and the types of vehicles that can be found there.

Whilst you can zoom in and out of the map to see the cities more clearly, there is always the ‘search’ option. In the top left, you will see a search bar - simply type the name of any city or operator, and you can go directly to that page.

This ‘quick access’ search bar is available at all times, no matter what screen you are on.

Now we've shown you the ropes, it’s time to set off.  Head to City Dive and start exploring!

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