Fluctuo strikes partnership with Dott to increase visibility of e-bike and e-scooter use across Europe

Dott agree to share their data with Fluctuo to help cities get a clearer understanding of shared micromobility use and accelerate the use of sustainable transport.

Fluctuo strikes partnership with Dott to increase visibility of e-bike and e-scooter use across Europe

Paris 05/06/23 — Fluctuo, the leader of mobility enablement, has signed a data agreement with Dott, one of the European leaders in shared e-bike and e-scooter services, to access quantitative information about Dott’s services and impact in over 35 cities. Both companies are committed to data transparency—ensuring the continued success of shared mobility.

Dott has agreed to provide access to its GBFS API (General Bikeshare Feed Specification), which provides real-time information on their vehicle fleets. Fluctuo will use this data to calculate metrics on vehicles and trips to enhance the accuracy of data on City Dive, the platform aggregating shared mobility data in 180+ cities. Through City Dive’s analysis of data on fleets and trips, Dott will be able to better understand the dynamics of bike and scooters across Europe, to benchmark the performance of its services, and to fuel expansion strategies into new cities.

“We collaborate closely with all the cities we operate in, including through data sharing on vehicle use. By supporting Fluctuo’s City Dive, cities will get a clearer understanding of shared micromobility use, helping to inform decisions on policy and infrastructure to accelerate the use of sustainable transport.”

Maxim Romain, Co-Founder and COO, Dott

Source: Dott
“Dott is one of the most collaborative, reliable and innovative companies in the shared mobility industry. This partnership will reinforce our shared goal of making valuable data accessible to those who need it, whilst also allowing Dott to benefit from more accurate data to strategise on an operational level."

Julien Chamussy, CEO of Fluctuo

Fluctuo, who partner with transport operators, city officials, policymakers, investors and journalists, makes the shared mobility industry more accessible. Through an interactive dashboard, a weekly newsletter, and quarterly reports, industry professionals are able to keep track of this rapidly-evolving and dynamic market.

Thanks to companies like Dott, Fluctuo is able to improve relationships between operators, cities, and public transport operators. This partnership underlines Dott and Fluctuo’s commitment to the shared mobility community, and fortifies their vision that transparency between operators, cities, and public transport authorities is the right way to invest in an emission-free future.

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About Fluctuo

Fluctuo is the leader in mobility enablement. We provide key stakeholders with the most exhaustive, accurate data on the market to accelerate the growth of shared mobility. Europe's leading aggregator of shared mobility data has since expanded to include Asia-Pacific and North American markets.

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About Dott

Dott is a European micromobility operator founded by Henri Moissinac and Maxim Romain, with the mission to free our cities with clean rides for everyone. Dott currently operates over 40,000 e-scooters and 10,000 e-bikes in top cities in Belgium, France, Israel, Italy, Poland, Spain, Sweden and the UK. Dott has a staff of over 600, with its main teams located in Amsterdam, London and Paris.

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