Transport authority of Budapest (BKK) chooses Fluctuo to provide mobility management dashboard for car sharing

BKK Budapest chooses Fluctuo to provide data on shared cars to track the development of car sharing

Transport authority of Budapest (BKK) chooses Fluctuo to provide mobility management dashboard for car sharing
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Paris, 23/02/2024 Fluctuo, the leader in mobility enablement, has been chosen by the transport authority of Budapest (BKK), to provide a mobility management dashboard to monitor the activity of shared moped and car services in the city. 

To meet its sustainability goals and to reduce the use of the private car in Budapest, BKK is looking to leverage the potential of shared mobility services in the city. Historically, it has been difficult for the city to understand the activity of moped and car sharing operators and, therefore, to measure the positive impact that they have on the city. 

After a procurement process, BKK has chosen Fluctuo to provide a dashboard to monitor the activity of shared mobility services in the city for 2024, specifically for moped and car sharing services. There are 3 car sharing operators in the city: GreenGo, MOL Limo & Wigo. 

Through the data that Fluctuo will provide, BKK will be able to better understand:

  • The demand for car sharing on an hourly, daily, weekly and monthly basis
  • Where shared cars are being used the most, and visualize hotspots
  • What impact car sharing has on the reduction of private car use within the city

According to the Future Mobility Alliance (Jövő Mobilitása Szövetség), there are now 30% more car sharing users in Budapest than there were one year ago, with the total number of kilometres travelled in shared cars surpassing 70 million since their launch. Fluctuo has previously worked with the transport authorities of Paris and Milan, providing them with a dashboard of what the status of the active services were in their cities, as well as the activity of the live vehicles. 

“By now, many cities have data sharing agreements with scooter and bike companies but, for most, car sharing remains a black box. We are proud to support BKK in their efforts to make shared mobility services more efficient and useful in Budapest, and we know our City Dive dashboard will enable the BKK team to get more insights on fleets and trips”. 

– Julien Chamussy, CEO of Fluctuo

"BKK is promoting the use of shared modes of transport to reduce parking demand and cut emissions. We are glad to have a partner who helps us better understand the way car sharing services are used in Budapest to be able to promote its use based on data”. 

– Bendegúz Kovács, Spokesperson of BKK

About Fluctuo

Fluctuo is the leader in mobility enablement. We provide operators and cities with the most exhaustive, accurate data on the market to help them understand shared mobility trends. Founded in 2019, Fluctuo quickly became a trusted partner for shared mobility and public transport companies, MaaS providers and cities. Having raised €1.6m with Statkraft Ventures and SNCF’s 574 Invest in January 2022, we now develop solutions beyond shared mobility.

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