3 tangible ways to improve car sharing profitability with City Dive

These new metrics will help car sharing operators to understand the popularity of different electric/ICE car models & find hotspots of demand.

Car sharing
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Car sharing is growing in popularity across Europe. In fact, our latest report finds that fleets have grown 6% since last year, and ridership has grown 14%.

Shared cars are on the rise, but because of the CAPEX-intensive nature of running a car rental business, profitability can be elusive.

This is why we’ve brought a host of new metrics to City Dive, specifically for car sharing. With profitability in mind, here’s how Fluctuo can help you: 

  1. Understand the popularity & usage of electric vehicles
  2. Find the best performing car models
  3. Identify & avoid locations where idle times are high

Source: City Dive

1. Understand the popularity & usage of electric vehicles

Do users care about engine types? Are electric cars used more frequently than petrol cars? Is a user more likely to go to a competitor for an EV?

City Dive now breaks down this data for you to see whether electric cars are getting more attention and popularity. With this information, car sharing operators are able to determine what is worth investing in, and which cities to prioritize. 

Not only that, but by analysing the competition, operators are able to see where there might be a gap in the market. If there are no electric vehicles in a specific city, it might signal that there is an opportunity for a differentiated, electric offer.

2. Find the best performing car models

What car models are most present in Berlin? Which car models is this operator building their fleet with? Is there a car model that gets used more frequently than any other? 

City Dive is now tracking which specific car models are being deployed across Europe. With this data operators will be able to see what models (and vehicle sizes) are being deployed in any given city, country, or by a particular operator. 

Source: City Dive

Going one step deeper into user preferences, City Dive can show you which specific car models are the best performing in any given city or country.

With this information, you can get a strong sense of the types of cars or brands that people are comfortable using, and using the most. Knowing this will aim you towards fleet expansion decisions that will attract the most revenue. 

3. Identify & avoid locations where idle times are high

When any shared operator sees their vehicles sitting idle in a city, they get frustrated.  

This is especially true for shared cars, as the vehicle costs are much higher. Every hour that that car is not generating revenue adds up, and breakeven cost is pushed further into the future. Meanwhile, the value of the asset is depreciating.

City Dive

Car sharing operators need to know exactly where vehicles are being used. With City Dive, you can find the areas with the greatest idle periods to strategically deploy your fleet where it's most needed.

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